Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Field Experience Numero Uno, Here I Come!

I know, I know, I've been missing for a while. But all I have to say for that is my last week of work was last week, as was Vacation Bible School, so it's been a little crazy in the life of Erica.


Ok, it's not really BIG news.

I'M EXCITED, though!

The week of September 1, I will be setting foot as a student teacher in a preschool for my FIRST EVER field experience.

The cool thing is, for the class that goes along with it, you have to have a TpT account and a Pinterest account with a board designated for the class.

Weeellllll, I have both already. Except for the board designated for the class. So that's exciting, right?!

I am super pumped and I cannot wait to begin my journey! I know that all of my bloggy friends (who have yet to come forth) are going to be super helpful and supportive so I'm excited to bond with some of you over all of that fun stuff.

I am nervous, though, at the same time, because I have no idea what to expect. But, I guess that's how it is going into any new school year even as the teacher. You never know what kind of class you are going to be blessed with teaching, and you never know what situations are going to arise, you just have to run with whatever happens. It's what teaching's all about, right? :)

I also really think I'm going to like the professor I have for this field experience block I'm in because 1) she doesn't care if we use an old edition of the required textbook, 2) she told us "Don't blink, it might rain" at the end of the email, 3) she's an older woman (we're talking at least in her 60s so don't think I'm calling anyone old) and I LOVE older people (so don't think I'm being offensive!).

While I may be feeling a little overwhelmed right now, I am so excited to be in the classroom, completing lessons and activities and all that jazz!

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