Monday, May 19, 2014

I Spy... Me!

So this new job is the reason I've been M.I.A. for the past week or so!

I've been working 9 hours every day, putting stuffed animals in bags and taping them up or putting stickers on them.

Oh so exciting, huh?

I feel like every time I start a blog I hit 12 blog posts and then it's a dud.

But this is something I really want to keep up with! There's soooooo many ideas out here and I want to contribute to them!

This post is going to be super short, but I just want to make you all aware (if you aren't already are) of these awesome baskets at Target in the dollar spot. They're called burger baskets and come in packs of 3. GREAT for use in the classroom. Not really sure what for, but I would've bought more if I had my own classroom!

Mine are an aqua color... Not sure what other options there are. Maybe orange? I'm not sure!

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