Thursday, May 1, 2014

Currently... May! Say What?!

Soooo.... According to my computer screen it's May.

It's May. Already.

It feels like just yesterday I came back to campus and found out we didn't have classes for two days because of how freezing cold it was.

And now it's May.

Anywayyyssssss. I'm linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for her Currently!

 So. Here it is! I guess I have some explaining to do, huh?

Listening: I am enjoying the silence that rarely occurs on my floor. While I love the people who live on this floor with me, I truly enjoy the piece and quiet that comes with finals week and 24/7 quiet hours. {by the end of writing this blog post, it was fairly loud again - laughter coming through the walls, girls talking in the hall...}

Loving: The two things getting me through studying for my five finals and my English research paper are Lipton's *new* peach iced tea and colored pens. I mean, who doesn't love some color added to their notes!?

Thinking: I literally have a list that just never ends of things I need to do to finish up this semester. It's crazy. And I really just want to curl up with the children's books I got at the bookstore the other day and just pretend I'm 5 again.

Wanting: I really just can't wait to be home. Being home means I can take my chances at getting the job as the interim children's minister at my church meaning I would be planning summer Sunday school and Vacation Bible School. Exciting! It also means a break from school and working my booty off - AND being thismuchcloser to my preschool field experience next semester!

Needing: It's finals week. What else is there to say? Annnddd my overhead light just went out so that must mean I should go to sleep sooner than later.


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The first person to comment on my blog and follow me was Sandy, over at Kinder-Gardening. Let me tell you, she just posted THE most DARLING Mother's Day project. I encourage you to go check out her pretty little blog out and show her some love!


  1. I love colored pens! I seriously think that's why I became a teacher! :)

  2. I love colored pens too! My newest obsession are the erasable gel pens from Frixion!

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  3. I love Papermate's ink joy pens! Glad I discovered your blog! Good luck with finals! :)
    The Journey of a Beginning Teacher