Sunday, April 20, 2014

Five for Frunday

So, I don't have much to post this week, but I thought I'd link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching's Five for Friday. Yes, I know it's already SUNDAY, but why not? :) I might not have pictures, but I'll be prepared for next week!

By the way, Happy Easter! While you're having fun with the Easter Bunny, looking for your Easter Basket, and going on egg hunts, don't forget the real meaning of Easter! HE HAS RISEN! As one of the kids in the Sunday school class I teach put it a few years ago, "Egg hunts and jelly beans and the Easter Bunny is nice, but that's not what it's all about."

I got to come home for Easter! We had Thursday and Friday off - the joys of a private university. It's been nice to be home for a little bit, I've gotten the chance to catch up on some work! However, it'll be nice to get back into the swing of things the last two week I have left of my first year of college. Then I'll be done, it'll be summer and....I'll be a happy snowman!

I got an email about placement for field experience! Woohooo! The professor, how about we call her Prof C - I feel like she will be referenced many many times in the months to come, emailed us saying that we should be getting our placement soon. I'll be in a preschool two days a week, Monday and Wednesday, for two hours in the morning. I'm super pumped!

I found out that I might be getting a little. I feel like I'm nesting for a baby like I'm pregnant. But I am NOT pregnant - don't worry. There's not even a man in my life that I have romantic interest in. So, because I'm getting a little, the crafting has commenced!

It snowed this week. SNOWED. Last Saturday I got a sunburn at Greek Week. And then. it. snowed. On Tuesday. Let me tell you, I was NOT a happy camper.

Theta Phi Alpha participated in their FIRST EVER Greek Week at my college! I'm one of the Founding Sisters of our chapter. It's been fun. We didn't do too too great - we lost - but we rocked it in volleyball and floor hockey. The other three sororities underestimated us, but we sure showed them!


  1. I think your blog header is darling and I love that your starting your blog from college! Your heart is already in teaching and I can tell you're going to be wonderful. I've been teaching for 30 years and could be your mom. May I just say you are so lucky to have blogging, Teachers Pay Teachers and Pinterest education at your fingertips. You'll make many wonderful connections with people who are as in love with teaching as you. The resources are a click away. I didn't have this wonderful computer world to utilize when I started, and I'm thrilled to be reviving my teaching with ideas from truly amazing teachers. And I had to walk 4 miles in the snow to get to school :) I'm so excited for you! If your placement is in preschool you have GOT to visit the Preschool Wonders blog. They're incredible! I'm a new follower!

    1. Hi Sandy!
      Thanks for your comment and encouragement. I really appreciate it! :) I cannot wait to begin my teaching career. I started my TPT account a few weeks ago, texted an education major friend all excited and he had no idea what it was! I'll have to share, obviously! I am excited to see the world of opportunities that opens up to me through this blog! I'm about to head over to Preschool Wonders and follow them!